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Hello there!
Welcome to the Station, in other words;
Nesin Villages Assosiation.

The Nesin Mathematics, Art and Philosophy Villages is a small campus of about 13,5 acres, approximately 7,5 of which consist of olive groves. It is owned by the Nesin Foundation 1973 and is located in the North Aegean, Şirince, İzmir.

Perched on a hillside and overflowing with greenery, it is a place where young and old learn, teach, and think about arts and science in peaceful remoteness. Unpretentious and unostentatious, the houses made out of rock, straw and clay give off a simple welcoming air.

The Village offers a democratizing platform by forming unlikely groups comprising different socioeconomic classes, ethnicities, political views and religious beliefs. People from every corner of our country and beyond, from different disciplines and backgrounds, come together to think, work, and express collectively.
This provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to know one another and allows new dialogues to emerge. 

The Station: Nesin Villages Association,  is a hybrid community driven by the past and former participants of the Nesin Villages. As students, coordinators, volunteers, and instructors; we are organizing programs, creating modules, and designing collective experiences with different groups and concepts. 


We produce and learn together.


Interdisciplinary Collective Studies for Social Change

We set out with the question of what should be the role of an “alternative” art school in the face of issues that we are collectively overwhelmed by, such as the social and political polarization we live in, the deepening economic divide, the ongoing gender and racial discrimination, and the ecological destruction we are witnessing.

“Interdisciplinary Collective Studies for Social Change”, the project of the association supported by the Turkish-Swedish Cooperation Unit; 6 The program took place in September 2022 with nearly 300 participants.


Çek-Yat Film Jam

Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam is a
48 hours-long filmmaking marathon.
As we like to call it,
the zip. format of filmmaking.

The project is initiated by Goethe-Institut, the Consulate General of Swedenin Istanbul, the Embassy of the Netherlandsand the Institut francais de Turquie; in cooperation with Anadolu Kültür and Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV).

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Nesin Station Residents

Project was born as an interview series where the interesting and naive people of the village can share their lives, nature and memories with everyone through their own eyes. We believe that one of the important reasons why Nesin Villages is so unique is the people it has hosted and brought together over the years. Sometimes it can be a student, sometimes a volunteer, sometimes a teacher, sometimes an employee, sometimes even a daily visitor.


Transmission from The Station

A series of online meetings that we organize regularly so that students and instructors can share their various experiences with each other at the Station. We are aiming to continue to reach people by going out of the Village’s physical space.

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